Sunday, April 16, 2006

My upcoming website

For my opening page I am going to make each letter of my name as a link.
I attached the black and white sketch of the original layout.
here is the first letter I just finished coloring. If anybody has any constructive criticism I would really appreciate it.
Now I'm off to letter #2....letter "O". Whish me luck.


Ellen said...

This is really very good! What a great website you will have!!!!

Ken Chandler said...

Joyce, thanks for visiting my site, and for your kind thoughts. I like what you've got going on! Very cute! You'd asked for recommendations, and the only thing I can think to say is to watch tangents. For instance, where the very point of the clowns elbow is touching the edge of the J. It's better design to either break through the line, so that more of the elbow is out of the picture, or leave a "space" between the inside line of the 'J' and the point of his elbow. Hope that helps. Otherwise I really like your characters and color choices, they're really fun.