Monday, July 03, 2006

Illustration Friday: Sticky

For this week's topic I decided to draw a brother and a sister.
The sister has stuck stickers all over her brother. On top of that she used her pink glue to stick a tiara on his hat and also glued his hand onto his jeans.
Oh but she didn't stop there! She also painted his nails and put makeup on him too! Oh no! She also spilled the soda!
Done in Pen & Ink and colored in color pencils.


Rrramone said...

I think you may be very evil deep inside. :-) Funny illo but what an evil sister! You must have had brothers. :-)

Anonymous said...

Very very funny! I actually have seen this happen in the wild! And know the people responsable for these random acts of forced makeovers on ususpecting sleeping brothers.

Alina Chau said...

wicked story moment!! very nice illo!

Marie-Dom said...

This is so entertaining! Great drawing too!

untamechildofnature said...

What a mess! But it's funny. Hope that the brother will not do the same things like her.