Saturday, August 12, 2006

Illustration Friday: Play

This weeks Illustration Friday topic was very broad.
I had done a sketch a while back of two clowns playing underwater and thought it was perfect for this week's topic.
I re-drew it, inked it and colored it with prisma colored pencils.
I know most people don't like clowns....but I love them... and love to draw them in fun situations!
Hope they're not to scary! Enjoy!


IdiotHead said...

Good thing he's playing an acoustic guitar. Very fun and unique illustration.

baggelboy said...

You've made me belive that this realy happens.

bill zeman said...

pretty fun picture

I definitely hate clowns but that just means they're good subject matter!

Don said...

It's also a good thing that microphone is unplugged! :-) Personally, clowns do not scare me, but it looks like the octopus is a little on edge there.

Wonderfully fun illo. Keep up the clownin'!

Bart said...

This is a very beautiful one!