Tuesday, April 10, 2012

sold my first bunny in a flower garden!

I don't think I will ever get used to having a sale on my etsy shop.
Its totally awesome to check my email and see "congratulations on your sale"
now i am up to 6 sales!  hot dam!
The sad thing is, it shows that my shop has been opened since 2008!  thats hilarious.
yes, i did open my shop then to sell some custom greeting cards.
then life got in the way....i gave up on it for oh my 3 years and then was convinced to start it up again by my great friend at chessmore designs (check out her shop here) who hired me to draw up some cute illustrations for her shop.
Seeing how well she is doing, inspired me to give my little shop another shot.  why not right?
Slowly but surely I will be adding more and more items to my shop.
I print everything from my cannon pixma printer that unfortunatelly only prints up to letter size.
need to eventually invest in a larger printer so I can print bigger sizes.
Anyone know of any good but not so expensive large size printers let me know!!!!!

Ok I think i have rambled enough....

back to work on my next illustration....hope you like dinosaurs.  teehee


1 comment:

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