Saturday, February 27, 2016

Birthday and Wedding Aniversary Gift - For my Mom

Drawn with black ink on cardstock paper.

Feliz Aniversario means Happy Birthday in Portuguese.

Dora is my moms name.  This illustrations celebrates her 61st birthday and 43rd wedding anniversary.

The letter D shows her and my dad (the way I always draw them)
letter O represents me and my kids
letter R represents my brother's family
letter A represents my mom's parents and sisters and where she was born, Rio de Janeiro Brasil.

I had a lot of fun drawing up this card/customized Name art for my mom.
She was super excited to see it and can't wait till she hangs it up at her house.
Happy Birthday Mom and Happy Anniversary to you and Dad!
Love you tons!

Here is a picture of my mom holding up her present:


Aliza Jamess said...

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Nalin said...

I am surprised to hear that you made this card yourself. I know, you have done a lot of efforts on it. In my view, it could be on be one of the best aniversary gifts for your mom.